Alice in the Country of Hearts By QuinRose: review

Alice in the Country of Hearts, Vol. 1 (Alice in the Country of Hearts, #1)

Alice in the Country of Hearts by QuinRose

A girl named Alice wakes up to see a white rabbit who forces her down a rabbit hole. The white rabbit than turns into a man with white rabbit ears. The man forces Alice to drink a potion that will make her stay in Wonderland. The only way for Alice to return home is to fill the vial back up by meeting and getting to know the inhabitants of Wonderland.

This is a review of the entire manga series.

Alice in the Country of Hearts is a very great manga indeed. I just loved scavenging for the Alice in Wonderland references. This manga is based off a otome game of the same name so you would think that this manga would have awesome characters. If you did think that you are correct! This manga has characters that you just want to pull out of the pages and just take them out to dinner or something. Alice the main character of this story has a awesome personality. Unlike the original Alice she actually questions the world that she had fallen in instead of just going with it. Alice(the one in this manga) is goal driven, strong willed, sarcastic, hardworking, and not a pushover. These traits make her one of my favorite characters of all time. The residents of Wonderland are all equally awesome. Their personalities are very…out there and are all lovable. The characters range from death obsessed twins and a sociopathic\obsessive guy in love. I believe that the characters are one of the best qualities in Alice in the Country of Hearts. The world of Wonderland is a very strange and interesting world. The Country of Hearts is divided into four territories three of which are at war.The Castle of Hearts:Vivaldi(Queen of Hearts) Peter White(White Rabbit) Ace(Knave of Hearts) and the King. The Amusement Park: Mary Gowland(The Duchess), and Boris(the Cheshire Cat). The Mafia: Blood Dupre(the Mad Hatter), Dee and Dum(Tweedledee and Tweedledum), and Elliot(March Hare). The only neutral territory is the Clocktower:Julius Monrey(Time). People do not value life as much as the people in Alice’s world and only a select number of people have a “face”. I had a lot of fun reading about Alice’s journey in this strange world.

The plot of Alice in the Country of Hearts is very simple and otome-ish. Alice needs to get to know the inhabitants of Wonderland and probably as this is a manga based off a otome game pick a guy that will be her boyfriend. I loved this because the plot allowed us to get to know the characters which are very very awesome. The dialogue is very good(except for Peter’s as the translation company thought it would be a awesome idea to make him speak in rhyme) and the comedy was very cute and funny in my opinion.

The art was wonderful and I loved all the character designs. Sadly this manga had one flaw…the ending. I wanted to know why the people of Wonderland loved Alice so much, I wanted to know more about the “game”, I wanted to know what Alice wasn’t supposed to remember,there was a whole bucket-load of questions the were not answered. Alice just picks her guy and than it ends. I have heard that the game explained more about Wonderland and Alice but the manga answers absolutely NOTHING. I had to go research the manga to actually understand it all(which was totally worth it)
Overall Alice in the Country of Hearts was amazing and is one of my favorite manga.

I give Alice in the Country of Hearts 5 out of 5 White Rabbits