When reading and reviewing books I will be giving my honest opinion. I will explain the things I liked about the book and the things I did not like about the book. I will almost always review the book unless something comes up and even than I will probably just review it at a later time.

Preferences: I will mostly be reviewing YA books but will also be open to reviewing MG novels. Although I will read almost all genres my favorite genres are: dystopia, contemporary, mystery, paranormal, romance, and paranormal romance. I will not read: erotica, self-help, religious, political, and non-fiction.

Self-Published Authors: I will read a self-published author’s work as long as the book is available in PDF or kindle eBook format(.mobi files). I will not accept physical copies.

Formats: I accept: PDFs, .mobi files, and physical copies(if you are a publishing company).

Deadline: If you want a certain deadline for a book to be read and reviewed please mention that awhile contacting me. I will try my best to meet it although I make no promises.

When and Where reviews will be posted: I will post reviews on my blog, goodreads, and smashwords as long as the book is available for review on the website. I will notify you by email when the review is posted.

If you would like to me to read and review a book please list the following:

Book Title:





Deadline(If you want one):

I will reply as soon as a possibly can. I will accept your request if I believe the book will interest me. If I do not accept please do not feel offended. Please submit a message on the contact page.


I will not sell or giveaway your ARC

Review will be posted in forty days maximum

I will not write a review for a book that I did not read at least 100 pages of.