30 Day Manga Challenge In 1 Day!

Okay, this post is kind of useless and not exactly interesting, but I just going to dump it here just for the heck of it 😀 Click ‘continue reading’ for the post.

30 Day Manga Challenge… In 1 Day:

Day 01 – Your very first manga
Fruits Basket, Volume 01My very first manga was Fruits Basket and it is such a lovely manga. Really, there are so many lessons that one can learn from it, and the characters are all just so sweet to read about. It does stop being all fluffy after a few of volumes and starts going into some very, very depressing stuff (abuse, neglect, anger…), but it still keeps its loveliness and is very close to my heart. I need to reread the manga sometime…

Day 02 – Your favorite manga

Pandora Hearts, Vol. 18Pandora Hearts, of course! I love Alice in Wonderland and retellings of the classic. Though Pandora Hearts is only loosely based on the original tale, I still think of it as one of the best manga retellings of Alice in Wonderland. The characters are all amazingly crazy, albeit screwed up. The mystery is well-made and kind of mind-blowing because of how complex it is. And the art… Just wow. I’m a total fangirl for this series 😛

Day 03 – Your favorite mangaka

I really don’t have a favorite mangaka, since I read so many manga made by different people that I love. It’s hard to choose. But if I had to pick on it would be Jun Mochizuki… The creator of Pandora Hearts *shot* I’ve pretty much just dedicated my soul to her work, since I know she is the master of making an awesome mystery. Besides, JUST LOOK AT HER ART!

Pandora Hearts

Day 04 – A character you feel you are most like (or wish you were)

While Sawako from Kimi ni Todoke isn’t very much like me, we both have trouble making friends and get really shy. I don’t have a scary face or studious or as innocent as her, and I do get more outgoing the more I get used to a person, but even with those differences, I feel a certain kinship towards her.

Day 05 – A manga you would recommend to everyone
I think that Ouran High School Host Club can be loved by people who read lots of manga and people who don’t, so that’s the title I’m going with. Yes, it is a reverse harem manga filled with cute bishies, but so what? It’s cute, fun, and hilarious! It’s true that the manga centers around Haruhi and the host club’s random antics, but it is still fun! Haruhi isn’t at all a shallow female character and the guy’s are very well developed considering that they all started off as stereotypes (the mangaka meant for it to be that way). I haven’t completed the series, but I think it might turn out to be my favorite shojo manga ❤

Day 06 – Your favorite character

Fruits BasketWhy do these question always seem to pop up? Asking someone who their favorite manga character is is like telling a person to pick their favorite child. You just don’t do that! I have a lot of favorite characters. But… for the sake of this challenge I will choese one of them: Tohru Honda from Fruits Basket. You could say that she is a little Miss Perfect that can do no wrong, and you would be right. But she is so much more than that. She truly helped the broken people in the Sohma family with her kindness and honesty.

Day 07 – A manga you disliked enough to stop reading

Black Bird. I don’t even know what to say about this manga. It’s about a girl named Misao (who is super boring) that can see things other people can’t. She also has to marry a pervert named Kyo and have sex with him so his clan can prosper.*bangs head against keyboard* It wouldn’t have been too bad if Kyo wasn’t so much of a pervert. But unfortunately the mangaka felt the need to make Kyo the kind of guy who wants to touch Misao’s body when she doesn’t want him to, make comments on having sex with her, and sexually harass her. Am I really supposed to think that this is a cute romance?

Day 08 – The most annoying character

I wouldn’t say they are the most annoying characters, but they are the most annoying characters that I can come up with from the top of my head: the Prince Yuki Fan Club from Fruits Basket. They spend their days obsessing over Yuki and, um, that’s all.

Day 09 – A manga you’d like to see more of

Shindere Shoujo to Kodoku na ShinigamiI would love to see more of Shindere Shoujo to Kodoku na Shinigami (translation: Lovestruck Dead Girl and Forlorn Death God)! It’s such a funny manga. The dynamic between the two leads are always entertaining, and the effortless way the manga transitions from comedy to thriller mystery is remarkable. Unfortunately, the mangaka has become ill and needs to go through surgery (it sounds really bad and I really hope she is okay), so the manga got put on hiatus… I think it is a great manga, so when the mangaka gets well again, I will definitely be watching out for the next chapter.

Day 10 – A manga that makes you fluffy and happy when you read it

Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You, Volume 7Kimi ni Todoke! That manga just makes me feel all cheerful and light. Sawako and Kazehaya are so adorable together. They are all blushes, smiles, and happiness ^_^ Yes, it does take a huge amount of time to actually confess to one another and start dating, but I think that’s the charm of it. Just reading about the time the two spend together, even when they aren’t together as a couple, is insanely sweet.

Day 11 – Your first manga crush

My first manga crush, eh? Since Fruits Basket was my first manga, it is only natural that my first manga crush was a character in that manga, right? And it is also only natural that I had two first crushes at the same times awhile reading it, right? Well, my first manga crushes were Yuki and Kyo Sohma.

Day 12 – A manga you used to love but don’t anymore

Gunslinger Girl, Vol. 1Well, I wouldn’t say that I fall out of love with manga, but I do definitely have manga that I was super into before but not so much anymore. One of those manga is Gunslinger Girl. I still love the story about the psychological damage of being made into a cyborg and the conditioning that comes with that affects the young girls, but there are other manga that I am putting more energy and time toward because they interest me more.

Day 13 – The most epic cutest scene ever

I’m changing this question since picking out one epic scene as the most epic out of many, many epic scene would absolutely kill me. Picking out a very cute scene will be easier 😛 Remember to read from right to left and that you can click the image to enlarge it.

Pandora Hearts Cute Scene

There is actually a lot of stuff that happens before this certain scene that makes it more emotional, but then this post would be riddled with spoilers… Anyways, I just think that it was really cute that Alice basically just repeated something Oz told her before about them being friends to Break, who doesn’t exactly seem all that interested (I think he’s secretly happy, though 😛 ). Pandora Hearts can be pretty light hearted and cute, and I think this scene really proves that fact.

Day 14 – A manga that makes you cry.

Our Happy HoursOur Happy Hours is one of the most tragically beautifully manhwa I have ever read. It gives off a very strong melancholy feel, the characters are also sad, and that ending is almost unbearable for the heart. That isn’t to say that there aren’t happy moments and it isn’t hopeful. It certainly is, but one of the most memorable things about it is that it will make you cry so many tears that you’re like a fountain. Believe me when I say that out of all the sad manga/manhwa that I have read, this is one of the best.

Day 15 – The saddest scene

The saddest manga gets the saddest scene… (I wouldn’t really call this a spoiler since you know its coming, but spoiler alert! This is a scene that takes up lots of pages, so you are going to have to enlarge and zoom in to be able to see the words clearly. Also, read from right to left 🙂

our happy hours sad scene

Day 16 –A manga that isn’t licensed but SHOULD be.

I don’t know if this counts, but I would kill for another chance to buy the Fruits Basket series. TokyoPop, the english publisher for the manga, shut itself down, so now it is a manga that is pretty hard to obtain. But if this series does get picked up again by another publisher, they will probably do a better job than TokyoPop since the company had made errors in their translation.

Day 17 – A manga that you feel embarrassed about liking

Onani Master Kurosawa (#1)Onani Master Kurosawa. I love this manga because of its realistic depiction on bullying, atoning for one’s sins, and just the harshness that some people find in school life. But I embarrassed to admit that I read and loved this manga because the act of masturbation is what drives the whole story. I’m not lying. The manga is even known as Fap Note among fangs, because of the great amount of masturbation and references to Death Note. Do I need to say anymore?

Day 18 – Favorite BL/yuri couple

Seven Days: Friday → Sunday / セブンデイズYuzuru and Seryou from Seven Days! What makes me love them as a couple so much is the fact that their romance is just so mundane and ordinary that I couldn’t help but really emotionally connect with it. Sure, it isn’t the most exciting romance out there, complete with tons of drama and sexual tension, but it is a beautiful romance that I think that people will be able to really appreciate. I know I did 🙂

Day 19 – A manga that you disliked at first but came to enjoy later on

私がモテないのはどう考えてもお前らが悪い! 1 [Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui! 1]Hmmm. I wasn’t at all into Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui! at first. I didn’t think that a manga about an otaku girl who has absolutely no social skills embarrassing herself on a daily basis was all that funny. And then about halfway through the first volume I realized that I was giggling at a chapter where she tries to crack a joke about the rain, saying that it was like a manga about basketball. So I guess you could say that I learned to like this depressing and yet oddly funny manga.

Day 20 – A manga you started out enjoying but ended up not liking as much

妖狐×僕SS [Inu x Boku Secret Service] 01I kind of had a loved but then disliked experience with Inu X Boku SS. The first four volumes, which I loved, were cute, hilarious, and fun. But then it turns out that the first four volumes are the prologue of the story, and the main story is actually about the characters in the prologue’s reincarnations -_- I wasn’t exactly happy with that, since everything got all befuddled and confusing, and it just didn’t feel the same as before. Now, I just count the first four volumes as one series and the rest of the volumes as another.I know, I know, it’s strange but I kind of have to do it since I love the prologue…

Day 21 – A manga that deserves more recognition

Fukashigi Philia, Volume 2Fukashigi Philia is a manga that I really wish had more fans, because it totally deserves it. This manga is unique, well-paced even with its short length, great art, though the character designs are a bit peculiar, and awesome characters. Also, Fukashigi Philia touches upon bullying and self-harm and does so very well. I can’t believe that this manga is so underrated! I actually had to add it to Goodreads myself!

Day 22 – A manga you wish didn’t exist

I haven’t read a manga that I wish didn’t exist. Even the manga I don’t like have some good things about them.

Day 23 – Best manga villain

Attack on Titan 4The titans in Attack on Titan are absolutely horrifying. The fact that resemble humans but are distorted into humungous, ugly giants that slaughter and eat people by the hundreds when they don’t have any real need to just makes them all the more frightening.

Day 24 – The best long manga series

I really don’t read long-running manga that have hundreds of chapters, so my view of a long manga series may be different from many others… There are also a lot of series that I am not caught up with yet. But as of right now, Pandora Hearts is my favorite long manga series.

Day 25 – The best manga oneshot

Koe no KatachiI don’t read that many oneshot manga, but if I had to choose the best over the few that I have read, I would pick Koe no Katachi. It tells about a story of a girl with impaired hearing named Nishimiya who has transfered into a new class. When she introduces herself via notebook, she is immediately mocked by her classmates, and later in the year, the mocking turns into merciless bullying. Even the narrator, a mean-spirited kid, bullies her. Koe no Katachi is such of a soulful manga. It’s sad, it will make you pity Nishimiya and the narrator (who also starts to get bullied), it will make you angry at the narrator and the rest of his classmates, but at the end, it will make you happy. It’s rare that a oneshot is able to create a story such as this. It really makes you reflect on your actions.

Day 26 – The last manga you read

Haha, I just read Koe no Katachi!

Day 27 – A manga you would never buy

Any manga that doesn’t interest me, didn’t impress me when I read the scanlations, or just has tons of fanservice, as it would be very awkward if one of my friends got a manga, opened it, and saw a naked person that she didn’t wait to see..

Day 28 – A manga you think is so brilliant it’s like literature

Ooh, I think that all manga is literature. Whether the manga is good literature or bad literature is another thing, though.

Day 29 – A manga you read that was just plain weird

Midori Days, Volume 1 (Midori Days, #1)I didn’t even finish a volume of Midori Days because of how freaking weird it was. It’s about a guy who wakes up one morning with a girl in the place of his hand. Just process that through your brain for a moment. There is a girl’s top half. Where his hand. Should be. I don’t know–and never will– whether I should be impressed with the risk this mangaka took when she decided to make this manga or to laugh at the utter weirdness that is this manga.

Day 30 – Your favorite anime opening/ending theme

I don’t know how an anime opening relates to a manga challenge, but whatever 😛 The opening to the anime adaption of Inu X Boku SS always makes me heart melt a little, so I’m going to go with that one! It’s supposed to be a very abstract retelling of how Soushi and Ririchiyo met each other, but even if you don’t read much into it, it’s beautiful. And yeah, that was totally a fursplosion at the end 😛

English Lyrics Here.


10 thoughts on “30 Day Manga Challenge In 1 Day!

  1. I like reading manga, so this post is interesting to me. 🙂

    You’ve read such an interesting assortment of manga! Some of them I recognize, but most are new to me. I definitely agree that Host Club can be easily liked by manga readers and non-manga readers. In fact, it’s one of the manga I recommend to my friends who are interesting in getting into manga. I also remember watching all the episodes of Midori Days back in the day. It was cute, but had so many plotholes that didn’t make any sense.

    • Glad that this post interest you 🙂

      Haha, I recommended Host Club to my friend who wanted to get into anime/manga, also! It’s just so accessible… I guess that Midori Days can be cute it one were to look over the whole hand thing 😛 But the plotholes do seem very annoying.

  2. Ha, I love that you did a 30 day challenge in 1 Day! I love manga but I don’t think I’d be able to make a manga post every day for a month, this however I can do. So I think I’m going to steal your idea (hope that’s okay) and do this challenge 🙂

    Fruits Basket, Ouran Koukou, Kimi ni Todoke – loved these mangas/animes
    Seven Days – <3333 and I agree Midori no Hibi was SO weird
    btw, I also loved Yuki and Kyo (Kyo especially)

    • I didn’t think I would be able to make a post for every day of the month either O_O Which I why I did this! And of course you can do the 30 day challenge in 1 day 😛 I would love to see your answers. I might find out about some new manga!

      Midori Days was just… Too wacky for me. Kyo and Yuki are so awesome. And like you, I especially love Kyo!

  3. I love Ouran High School Host Club! Also, oh my gosh, I had (have?) the hugest crush on Yuki from Fruits Basket… like, I think I was legitimately in love with him throughout the entire series. Even though I say that about several fictional guys. Anyway, great post, all of your book reviews on manga make me want to get back into it! (:

    • Haha, I think most fans of Fruits Basket had major crushes on Yuki and Kyo. It’s kind of inevitable when the guys in a series are so cuuuttteee 😛
      And thank you!

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