Goodbye, June

Tomorrow is going to be the arrival of July! My summer has been going very well so far, even if it isn’t the most exciting. I’m just glad that summer school is over (teacher isn’t a pyromaniac, unfortunately) and that I will have more time to read and just waste time in general. I do have a few goals in mind, such as visiting the few fun places that are available where I love and to light up some fireworks and maybe make something explode.

Like I said before, June wasn’t the most exciting time I ever had, but it was still fun in a peaceful sort of way. Reading books, watching TV shows (because of Thomas, I have been a little addicted to Queer As Folk. Curse you, Thomas, curse you 😛 ), walking around the neighborhood, and spending time with friends. Oh, and a few weeks of summer school, which were kind of fun. I had the most random lab partner in the world so I really didn’t know where a conversation would lead to. One time I was talking about a scene in The Matrix where Neo is just waking up in the real world and the first thing she asks is if he was naked. Needless to say, the conversation got a bit perverted. Also, the teacher was pretty random, too. One day he is talking about how a couple of rocks got mixed into his lentils and the other day he spends about thirty minutes talking about the new updates on his phone. It was awesome 😀

I am almost done with my reading challenge… Really, only about ten books to read and I will be a free-reader 😛

June Reading Challenge Progress

Goodreads is telling me to try out a higher goal, but there is no way in heck that I am going to make it higher when I am already so close to winning. <— Awesome attitude I got there, huh?

So. As of right now, I am content with how my life is going. I am just hoping that July will be a wonderful month. Summer is supposed to be an enjoyable time where kids can do whatever the heck they want, and I am determined to do that. (Okay, fine, not whatever they want, but pretty close.) And to keep up the theme of moustaches…


19 thoughts on “Goodbye, June

  1. You had summer school too! Me too! *high fives* Though it was for health which is already a perverted subject. ;D You are almost there, Lottie! YOU CAN DO IT!

    Oh ho, nice mustaches. : { D

    • *high fives* Ooh, health… >_< Haha, I'll try… Reading challenges are things in which my manga obsession comes in handy 😛

      Moustaches… The meaning of life.

  2. Ha ha if I were you I wouldn’t make my goal any higher either, congrats on being so far ahead! I’m a few books behind so I’m quite envious. -_- Also, is it sad that I feel a strong sense of accomplishment for getting you to watch QAF? I’m glad you didn’t give up after the first episode and that you’re enjoying it (I hope?) Keep me updated because that show is my favorite of all time! Woo for the end of summer school as well. (:

    • It isn’t sad at all. I have that strong sense of accomplishment when I get people to read/watch things also 😛 I’m nearing the end of season one, so I will definitely tell you my thoughts than! And yes, the end of summer school was quite exciting.

  3. Haha the way you describe summer school makes it sound so fun actually! And holy Lottie you have read A LOT! I set my goal as 50 books and right now I’m a little past halfway (26 books) lol!

    I hope you have a stupendous July, Lottie!

    -Grace 🙂

    • Summer school is pretty fun. It’s just that lying around and being lazy is easier XD I haven’t read that many novels but I have read a lot of manga so don’t be too impressed, lol 🙂 I am sure that you will do well on your reading challenge!

      I hope you have a stupendous July, also!

  4. It sounds like you had quite the month for June. Are you done Summer school now? Also congrats on being almost done with your reading challenge :). Did you count Mangas in your challenge as well? Or was it just novels/novellas? I wish I could read as fast as you do lol. Have a great July!

    • Yup! Done with summer school! And thank you 🙂 I counted all the manga I have read, so yeah, I’m not reading that fast. It’s just that manga is freakishly easy to read in large amounts 😛 You have a great July, too!

  5. Definitely sounds like you had a decent June with some… interesting people around you! Haha. But really, I always loved when my teachers would go off on random tangents, and the random lab partner sounds fun as well. At least between the two of them things should have been somewhat engaging!

    And wow! Way to go on almost reaching your goal. You could set a higher new one, but hey. Why not just accept that you succeeded and stop while you’re ahead, right? You can set a higher goal next year. (Though really, that is such a high number!) Hope July is an awesome month for you 😉

    • Interesting doesn’t even begin to describe it T_T But they were really fun 🙂 Random people tend to make things more fun and make time past faster! I probably will set a higher goal next year considering that it is kind of easy for me because I read lots of manga, which only takes a little time to read. I hope July is an awesome month for YOU 😀

  6. Awesome post!.. The random lab partner paragraph had me laughing. Well, I have done only about 15 or 16 books this year!.. Jeez girl, you are way ahead!

    • Hehe, thank you! My lab partner is one of the most interesting people I have ever met. Whether that was good interesting or bad interesting, I don’t know. But I still love her 😛 That’s still a lot, Naz! Keep it up 😀

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