Memorable Moments… (1)


There are many moments that one can consider memorable. Those moments can happen any time in real life or in the fictional world. I thought it would be fun to feature and talk about them! In order to keep the list a bit shorter, I’m only going to be focusing on the fictional moments that are memorable 😉 Whether those moments were memorable because they were sad, happy, funny, action-packed, intense, or bittersweet does not matter. Whether the moment was in a book, short story, manga, or graphic novel does not matter either. I am not sure on how frequently I will be doing this feature… It really only depends on the feedback 🙂

The two moments that I am going to talk about on this feature’s debut are from one of my favorite books and one of my favorite manga: Liesl & Po and Pandora Hearts. (Yeah, I just mentioned Pandora Hearts AGAIN! Deal with it!) Oh, and if there are spoilers, I will always put out a warning.


Liesl & Po

Liesl & Po by Lauren Oliver
Pg. 249-250

“‘And you were going to rescue me?” Liesl asked.

“Yes,” Will mumbled. “Or try to, at least.” His face was burning hot. He had never been so embarrassed in his life; he saw now how stupid the idea was. And obviously she didn’t need rescuing–she had gotten out all on her own, The alchemist had, perhaps, been right all along. He was useless.

Suddenly Liesl threw her arms around him with such force that he stumbled backward. Will had never been hugged in all his life, and he did not know what to do. Liesl’s hair tickled his cheek, and he could feel her little heart, beating hard through layers of cloth and clothing. He stood perfectly still, praying that she would let him go, feeling even more embarrassed than he had been just a moment earlier.

“Thank you,” she said. “I think you are very brave.”

“You do?”

“Yes. And clever.”

“Oh.” When Liesl released him at last, Will found that his head felt strange and fuzzy, as though he had just been spinning in a circle. He repeated, “Oh.”

Isn’t that just the sweetest and heartwarming thing? A little boy who has never been hugged and has always been called useless suddenly being hugged by a girl he had only really met a few days ago and called brave and clever. Friendship is a theme that plays a huge role in this book and I feel that this scene perfectly shows that. The hug between the two friends is sweet, meaningful, and made my heart melt. I always find myself rereading it. Liesl & Po is one of my favorite books because of all the little moments like this Lauren Oliver took the time and attention to include.

Pandora Hearts, #14Pandora Hearts Vol.14 by Jun Mochizuki
Spoiler Alert!
Pg. 138-140

Remember to read the pages, panels, and text bubbles from right to left! It should be easy enough to get the hang of. Oh, and click to enlarge 🙂


Aw, our little Oz is becoming a yandere! What made this scene so surprising is how chaotic Oz himself was. Sure, he completely snaps many times before this certain moment, but in those times, the reader could always just assume that Oz’s mind had crumbled from all the blood, death, and strange things happening around him, Jack’s influence, or the B-Rabbit’s influence. But in this moment, Oz’s actions and feelings of hatred toward Isla Yura for what he has done to Alice and many other people are what fuel his desire to destroy the villain. I was left wondering if that cheerful, quirky Oz that was our protagonist was gone. And also, I am in love with all the detail Jun puts in the panel with Oz declaring that he is going to kill Isla Yura. You can really see the insanity in his eyes and smile, and the B-Rabbit’s silhouette is in the background. (Isla Yura’s face is really distracting, though.)


So yeah, those are the two memorable moments that I am featuring in this post. I actually really like this feature since I can fangirl/vent/d’aww as much as I want 😛 But I also want to hear your opinion on this! And be sure to tell me some moments you think are memorable in the comments section!



9 thoughts on “Memorable Moments… (1)

  1. I really like this feature! The first passage from Liesl & Po was so beautiful and heartfelt! I haven’t read the story, but it definitely makes me want to continue on with these characters because it’s hard not to sort of love them after reading that. I also enjoyed looking at the manga one as well, just because reading what you thought about it helped me look at it differently. I think since I’m not familiar with manga it’s easy for me to just read the words and sort of feel indifferent towards it, but then when you pointed out certain details and talked about what’s going on behind it it made much more sense and I appreciated it more. Love this 🙂

    • Thank you! Liesl & Po is such a good book! Very good for the soul 😛 Plus, Will and Liesl are one of those cutest and sweetest characters I ever had the pleasure of reading about. I hope you get the chance to read it (and hopefully love it). I’m glad that you were able to put my explanation of things into the pages I showed and understand it. I was kind of worried that I wasn’t making sense O_o Thanks again!

  2. I would love you to do more of this feature. Very interesting post. When I saw Pandorahearts mentioned again, I was like “Girl, you gotta be kidding me!”.. You seriously are such a big fangirl. You know, Arabic is also read from right to left.

  3. Okay, I love this feature! One of my favorite things is looking back on memorable moments in books, video games, anime, etc. and just squeeing about them all over again. I haven’t read either of these manga, so it was a little bit hard for me to completely understand the quotes, but once I read your commentary I got it. 🙂

    I look forward to seeing more posts like this one! And I might just borrow your idea for a post in the future, if that’s okay with you. ^_^

    • Sure! I would love to read about some of your favorite moments 😀 Besides, I am pretty sure that many people do something like this, somewhere.

      Liesl & Po isn’t a manga, but it is still amazing! Really, it’s a work of art .<

  4. This is such a neat feature- I definitely don’t think you should only do it once! I haven’t read either of these, and I think the graphic novel sounds really interesting so I’ll be sure to look it up!
    You chose really wonderful, sweet and interesting moments. (:

    • Thank you so much! Liesl & Po is a novel that I believe will make anyone love it, and Pandora Hearts is definitely for fans of mystery, supernatural, and Alice in Wonderland (the series is loosely based on the classic). And thank you again ^_^

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