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You might have noticed that I haven’t posted the reviews that I promised to post, haven’t been responding to comments, and have been a bit absent from the reading/blogging community. Awhile I do feel bad about that, I have a totally legit excuse: summer school.

When I first signed up for summer school, I had no idea of how hard it was going to be to stay committed to it. Lab reports, essays, and experiments are replacing my free time that I usually spend on summer activities, reading, and blogging. The only fun thing about summer school is trying to decide whether or not my teacher is some kind of pyromaniac. So yeah, that’s my explanation for my little disappearance.

But even with summer school, I was able to make it to a friend’s birthday party. I had a blast. Who knew that a sprinkler and a trampoline could lead to so much fun?

Reviews Posted This Week:

Seven Days Vol.1-2Criminal


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Through the Lens (Through the Lens, #1)A Little Girl in My Room & Other Stories

Through the Lens- Bought
A Little Girl In My Room & Other Stories- Bought and then deleted (the cover kept freaking me out).


8 thoughts on “The Sunday Post(10)

  1. Aw, I’m sorry you didn’t have that much time to read and write reviews as you wanted! It’s great that you had fun at your friend’s birthday party though – sprinklers sound splendid, especially in this heat. Hope you get to post more this week! (:

  2. Boo summer school! I’ve actually never been in summer school, just because I refused to budge from having that time to relax. I almost stuck with my goal of being a teacher as well, so summers could’ve been free for the rest of my life! But that ended… Still, it sort of sounds fun? Trying to guess if your teacher is a pyromaniac?

    That’s funny that you deleted A Little Girl in My Room after receiving it! I thought it looked really creepy the second I saw it, and can imagine how bad it would be to see it pop up when not expecting it! Haha.

    Hope you have a great week Lottie 🙂 Glad to still see you around, even if it’s not as much as usual!

  3. Aww, thanks for linking to my post! Sucks that you have to go to summer school, and that it’s taking up so much of your time. Also, all the manga you blog about all the time… makes me want to read some (or watch more anime) so bad!

  4. That Seven Days cover is so cute. Kawaii ne~~~ Plus that copy you’ve obtained for A Little Girl in my Room looks so scary!!!

    Enjoy reading Soul Screamers. I’m stuck with the third book so I am trying to read Hannibal Lecter for a change.

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