Pandora Hearts Vol.7 by Jun Mochizuki: review

Pandora Hearts, #7Pandora Hearts Vol.7 by Jun Mochizuki
Series: Pandora Hearts #7
My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars
Age Group: Young Adult
Shounen, Fantasy, Paranormal, Mystery
Publisher: Yen Press
Release Date: October 2011
Synopsis: The past holds everyone in its thrall, and Oz, Alice, Raven, Break, and their acquaintances are no exception, especially as recollections of the tragedy of Sablier elude even those who were present. Indeed, with his own body playing host to Jack Vessalius, the hero of Sablier, the likelihood of Oz escaping the past seems nigh impossible. But given a renewed lease on life by Elliot Nightray — the legitimate heir to the Nightray dukedom, of all people — Oz is eager to keep moving forward by learning all that he can about the events that came to pass all those years ago. To this end, he and his friends seek an audience with another of the four great dukes — Duke Rufus Barma. But it is not a glimpse into a hundredyear-old disaster that is revealed to them in the Duke’s presence, but rather one into Break’s lamentable, shockingly unforgettable past…

My Thoughts:

Another unforgettable volume created by Jun Mochizuki! After forcing my eyes to look away from that beauty of a cover and actually reading the volume, I really couldn’t stop reading. With the introduction of a new character and big revelations, this was literally impossible to put down.

The events in this volume take place right after the events in the last volume. Oz has a new view on life and is striving to become less of a burden on others, which is making Gil worried that he won’t be needed anymore. And we are starting to get more information on what really happened during the tragedy of Sablier.

Being invited to Duke Barma’s place to exchange information, the characters get all dressed up, not knowing that things that they never expected to be revealed. For example, Break’s harsh past and how he became the man he is today.* And really, that new information made my jaw drop to the floor when I first found out about it. I never expected that such a random/clowny guy would have such a past.

But seriously. My heart went out to Break. Even though his past choices were unbelievably wrong, he learned from his mistakes and became the person he is at the present. Sure, he’s still not perfect, but he is learning…

And the new character that is introduced, Rufus Barma, a man who believes that knowledge is the most important power, totally fits in with all the other characters in Pandora Hearts. He’s crazy, has questionable motives (he’ll do anything to quench his thirst for knowledge, and most importantly, has a really pretty face.

It’s really hard to believe that he’s actually 67 (his contract with his chain caused him to stop aging).

Obviously, the art is still as amazing as ever. I will never tire of saying the Jun’s art is gorgeous 🙂

During this time, the characters are really developing a lot. They are extremely flawed characters, each in their own way. There is also a lot of development in the mystery and overall story. I would say that this volume and up is the best part of the series because of all that development. Both in characters and the plot.


*The fact that my favorite character used to be a serial killer is more than a bit disheartening, but he did learn a lesson from his experiences: don’t recklessly do something and using someone else as an excuse.


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