The Sunday Post(4)

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Hi! This week was pretty uneventful. I didn’t get to write many posts, but I am glad that I am not forcing myself to write a post just because I feel obliged to write it. So yeah, I call the lacking of post a achievement 😛

Awhile I didn’t write much, I did get to study for some upcoming test! Hopefully those test will be the last of the tortures school makes me endure before school runs out.

Oh, and I did discover some neat manga series! (I thank all those people who post reviews on manga. You guys are awesome.) I can’t wait to buy and read them 🙂 I also found some nifty books!

And Savindi and I are doing a read-a-long!  We are both reading Heist Society by Ally Carter 🙂

Reviews Posted this Week:

Anthem for Jackson Dawes Blood and Snow: The Complete Set


Other Post:

Awesome Links:

Obtained This Week:

Gibbin HouseDeeper We Fall (Fall and Rise, #1)What Happens Here

Gibbin House- Okay, I got this book a couple of weeks ago, but kept forgetting to share it here. So here it is! This is a wonderful book so far! Thank you Lilee, for recommending it!

Deeper We Fall- So. I’m gonna give the NA genre another try. (Thanks Netgalley!)

What Happens Here- Reynje wrote a wonderful review of this book that peaked my interest, so of course I bought it.




12 thoughts on “The Sunday Post(4)

  1. I admire your ability to not post unless you feel like it. It’s a great thing though, because it’s easy for blogging to become a chore otherwise! And yay for finding new manga! I have never read any manga, but there’s no real reason why. I guess I just am so caught up in all the YA books I’m trying to read?

    I’m interested to see what you think of the NA book. I haven’t read any, but am hesitant to try. Especially because most NA seems to revolve around romance and that’s not really my cup of tea.

    Thanks for linking to me! 🙂

    • Aw, Thank you 🙂

      Sometimes I don’t even read manga for long periods of time because there are so many books to read. The same goes for when there are so many good manga to read 😛

      I tried a New Adult novel before but wasn’t impressed. And it seems like some people aren’t impressed either. But I’m going to give it another chance. You are right to be hesitant with this genre. It is mostly romance and from my experience… it’s not good romance.

  2. A lovely week 😛
    I only posted once this week, and I’m posting less often than usual, and although I feel guilty, it is a little bit relaxing not posting something every day. I tend to worry if I’m posting too much or too little though :/

    • Don’t feel guilty! Blogging is a hobby and it should never be an obligation to post everyday! In fact, it’s great to post only when you feel like it, since the post normally comes out with better quality 🙂

      • Well, I normally find inspiration for new post by reading other people’s discussion post. Like I just read a couple post of the lack of diversity in the YA genre that I would love to make a response post to 🙂

        Or you could just make up your own discussions over books or anything else that interest you. There are endless possibilities!

  3. Gosh I’m having upcoming tests called CST testing and I think I might die. But definitely Grace’s link should be there! She appreciates it so much! I checked out your Watching Fiction and it’s an awesome meme you’ve made-up! Go Rise of the Guardians!

    BTW…Have you read Karneval yet?

    • Testing is the worst! Whenever I turn in a test another one comes along not even a week after -_-

      Grace is an amazing person, so of course I linked to her! And thank you for the compliment 🙂 I’ve been wanting to review movies/shows for a long time and I am glad you like the feature!

      I have read the first volume of Karneval and LOVE it 😀

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