Bookish Stuffs: Su Blackwell’s Book-Cut Sculptures

I had recently found out about Su Blackwell’s book-sculptures when I was browsing the post on A Bookish Heart, which is a book blog I very much recommend you check out 🙂 Anyways, I found out about this wonderful woman’s works and I have been enraptured by them.

The Girl in the Wood

The Girl in the Wood: Source

You see, this woman makes the books she tinkers with come alive. Don’t you just want to jump in The Girl in the Wood and help the young lady sweep in a forest riddled with words?

The Orient Express

The Orient Express: Source

Or maybe you would rather spend some time in a train that rides on the pages of a book?

Margaret and Marjorie, with light. Source

Or do you want to spend some time with Margaret and Marjorie?

You can browse more of Su Blackwell’s words here.

Can you imagine being able to make this kind of art with books? I would totally try to do this, but I can’t bring myself to touch my beloved books with a pair of scissors. Have you ever done something like Blackwell does with books? Don’t you just like these sculptures? Tell me in the comments section ^_^


14 thoughts on “Bookish Stuffs: Su Blackwell’s Book-Cut Sculptures

  1. Wow. These are extremely inspired creations! I am a book lover, but it is amazing to see someone moved by the stories in able to make these…

  2. Thanks for linking me 🙂 I love the ones you chose to share – I don’t think I even saw the train one when I looked through her stuff. It’s definitely magical. Of course, I don’t think I could do anything like this with my books, but if I knew for sure that it would turn out like that then maybe. (But I pretty sure it wouldn’t resemble anything other than poor destroyed paper…)

    • No problem 🙂 Gotta give credit when it’s due!
      I do love The Orient Express! Such a beautiful piece of work. But the best one, for me, is Margaret and Marjorie 😀
      I lack talent in the art department so I will probably NEVER try do make one of these kind of sculptures.

  3. I’ve seen these kinds of book sculpting renditions around tumblr and they are just beautifully creative. But like you, I just couldn’t bear to touch my babies and mutilate them 😛

  4. Truly artistic ♥.. Just wow. But I would never be able to approach a book with a pair of scissors or anything sharp for that matter!!. But love them. It’s really amazing how detailed everything is..

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