The Sunday Post(1)

This is my first Sunday Post and I hope there will be many more to come. This seemed like a fun and versatile meme to participate in so I did 🙂 I will be telling about the mundane happenings, my current obsessions, the new books I got, and the posts I made that week on The Sunday Post so I hope that will interest you. Hopefully….

So I didn’t get to review or read many books this week mostly because I have been addicted to the Durarara!! anime. I am pretty sure it is the best shounen anime of all time.
Anybody who proves me wrong gets a cookie.

Reviews Posted This Week:

The Three Loves of Persimmon

The Three Loves of Persimmon is an utterly gorgeous book that I can not stop thinking about. The characters, the story, and the setting are just so very charming… Read my five star review.


In the Path of Falling Objects
In the Path of Falling Objects
is a book that I read this month and had a very hard time reviewing. I think I did pretty good writing the review this month though. Well, it seems that way considering the comments I got ^_^ (Thank you, commenters!) I really can’t recommend this book enough. There is no way I would be able to descibe its awesomeness in this one paragraph so read my review here.


Deadly Kisses

Deadly Kisses was a very fun book that I really enjoyed. Reminded me a lot of Hold Me Closer, Necromancer which is always a good thing! The characters were all fun to read about and the fact that one of them was President Abraham Lincoln didn’t hurt 😛 Read my four star review here.

Books Obtained This Week

If You Find MeEleanor and ParkHeist Society (Heist Society, #1)Front and Center (Dairy Queen, #3)Inside Out & Back AgainKimi ni Todoke: From Me to You, Volume 3

Bought: If You Find Me, Eleanor & Park, Heist Society, and Kimi ni Todoke Vol.3

Netgalley: Spirit and Screwed

Library: Inside Out & Back Again and Front and Center

(I have many more books that have not been shown on the blog since I haven’t been posting memes, but I decided to only show the books I have gotten this week.)


24 thoughts on “The Sunday Post(1)

    • Thank you! I haven’t finished Front and Center yet, but it is very good so far! D.J. is hilarious 😛 I have actually read a lot of mixed reviews for this book. Seems like you either love it or it is pretty meh. Heist Society looks amazing!

  1. Woo for Sunday posts! Hope you enjoy all the books you got – I’ve read rave reviews of If You Find Me, and the cover of Eleanor and Park looks enticing. Have a great week Lottie!

    • Hopefully, I can commit to doing one of these post every Sunday O_O If You Find me has been one of my most highly anticipated books of 2013 because of all the rave reviews! Eleanor and Park’s cover is very cute and artsy ^_^
      Thank you!

  2. Oooohh! I still need to start Kimi no Todoke! D: People keep talking about how good the series is, so I got myself the first one or two tankobon. Anyways, hope you enjoy your reads! 🙂

    Patricia // My Week

    • Oh, Kimi ni Todoke is a great series! One of the best shojo manga I have read in a looong time 🙂 I hope you enjoy it when you get the chance to read it!
      And thank you ^_^

  3. Ooh Ally Carter. I think I have read one of her series, the Gallagher girls or something. Hope you enjoy the heist society

    • Yes, Ally Carter is the writer of the Gallagher Girls 😀 I read some of the books, but didn’t get around to reading the whole GG series. I have a good feeling about Heist Society 🙂

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