Saint Patrick’s Day Gift Ideas

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day I am going to make a list of gift ideas inspired by Irish writers. This idea was originally made by Maedez at A Small Press Life. Be sure to check out her beautiful shopping list! I know that people don’t normally buy gifts for St. Patrick’s Day but I do 🙂

I hope you enjoy browsing through this list.


Irish Writers Bracelet

Irish Writers Bracelet…purchase here

William Butler Yeats Canvas Tote Bag

William Butler Yeats Canvas Tote Bag…purchase here

Education... is the Lighting of a Fire- Quoted Bookmark, WB Yeats Quoted Bookmark, Custom Bookmark

WB Yeats Quoted Bookmark..purchase here

Greeting Card: when you love someone all of your saved-up wishes start coming out, Elizabeth Bowen, Blank Inside

Elizabeth Bowen Greeting Card…purchase here

Antique Maria Edgeworth - Steel Engraving Portrait Print Book Plate

Antique Maria Edgeworth…purchase here

Bram Stoker Pendant, Dracula Pendant, Literary Pendant, Necklace Pendant (p110)

Bram Stoker Pendant…purchase here

Lovely as a Tree - Joyce Kilmer (White Cotton Birdeye) - Kitchen Hand Towel

Lovely As A Tree Hand Towel…purchase here

George Bernard Shaw quote necklace, quote jewelry, quote pendant charm- A happy family is but an earlier heaven- Q0206CP

George Bernard Shaw Quote Necklace…purchase here

Boho Girl - 11x14 Metallic Print, George Bernard Shaw

Boho Girl with George Bernard Shaw Quote…purchase here

Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken, Oscar Wilde Quote, Dictionary Print, Wall Decor, Art Print, Mixed Media

Oscar Wilde Quote-Print..purchase here

Dracula by Bram Stoker Quote Bracelet, Vampire Jewelry

Bram Stoker Quote Bracelet…purchase here

Aren’t these items all beautiful? My favorites are the Lovely as a Tree towel, the Boho Girl painting, and the Irish Writers Bracelet! Do you have a favorite? Do tell in the comments section below 😀


12 thoughts on “Saint Patrick’s Day Gift Ideas

  1. Ironic how I’m actually reading this on St. Patrick’s Day…That reminds me…I haven’t pinched anyone yet…XD I am absolutely adoring the Bram Stocker pendant. I really want to read Dracula and see of the actual vamps out there!

  2. I love this post!… My favorite items are Boho Girl with George Bernard Shaw Quote, WB Yeats Quoted Bookmark, Lovely As A Tree Hand Towel and George Bernard Shaw Quote Necklace!.. Love them 🙂

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