Letters To Laura Wilder, Part 1

Little House in the Big Woods (Little House, #1)When I read Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder I didn’t think a “review” would do any good at all. Little House in the Big Woods has a certain charm and purity to it that makes it impossible for me to write a review that does the book justice. And so after a lot of thinking I decided to write a letter to Laura every time I read through a Little House book. I mean, I already talk to book characters in my head so why not write letters to them? I have Jo at Wear The Old Coat to thank for giving me permission to do this. She had come up with the original idea of writing letters to book characters. I recommend that you read her series of Letters Toas they are absolutely brilliant! Especially her Letters to Anne post!

Dear, Laura…

I fell in love with Little House on the Prairie when I was younger but I didn’t know it was a part of a series of books that told about your life. So when I found out I went to the used bookstore and bought all the books I could that featured you. I quickly connected to you when I read Little House on the Prairie so I was excited to meet one of my favorite people again. You are a delightful girl to spend the hours with. You make such a good friend, Laura. And don’t worry about your brown hair. I also used to be jealous of all those girls with blonde hair when I was younger but now I know how great the color brown is (not that blonde is not pretty, of course).  I look forward to seeing more of your adventures, Laura! 🙂

-Charlotte Eve

Bonus Letter!

Dear, Laura’s Ma and Pa

You are such great role models! You have one of my favorite families in literature. And I love the songs and stories that Pa always shares.

16 thoughts on “Letters To Laura Wilder, Part 1

    • The series is off to a very good start. These old series are always so charming! And thank you! I loved reading Jo’s letters so I wanted to try out the feature myself 🙂

  1. Laura Ingalls Wilder! Brings back so many memories. I read Sarah, Plain, and Tall and I think I read Little house on the Praire. But her stories are just amazing. And writing a letter to her is just adorable and an amazing idea!

    P.S. Charlotte/Lottie, yup, i can see where you got Lottie from. ;D

      • I think I might borrow your idea of writing a letter for a future post! Just need to write it down somewhere….*go off to write on my list of blogging post ideas*

        And Lottie sounds much cuter! ^^

      • Well, I think it would be okay with Jo ^^
        Hah, I guess Lottie is cuter! Although I could always switch to Charlotte when I want to get all formal and classy 😛

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  3. I had to click this one considering what a big fan I am (and have always been) of the Little House books. I’m glad you wrote a letter to Laura instead of a traditional review as books that classic and idealic are nearly impossible to review. I would always give Little House books a 10 out of 5 stars!

    • If only Goodreads would allow that rating! I am glad that someone else thinks that classics are really hard to review. I think I should leave those books to be reviewed by professionals 😛

      • The ones that are really sentimental to me (like Little House, The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, A Wrinkle in Time, Island of the Blue Dolphins, etc) that I find really hard to review. I’m too attached to them from my childhood.

      • Hehe, it seems that I share you love for Island of the Blue Dolphins. Loved that book with all my young-hearted soul. I still do 🙂 I find books that I was attached to when I was a child (still a child but I mean young child) are hard to review, too. They have a certain sentimental feeling to them. Hmm. That would make a great discussion.

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