All Summer In A Day by Ray Bradbury: review

All Summer in a DayAll Summer In A Day by Ray Bradbury

Short Story

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Age Group: All Ages

Genre: Science Fiction

Synopsis: Margot is a nine year old girl whose family moved from Earth to Venus when she was four. She remembers the sun shining on Earth – something that it rarely does on Venus. All of the rain and cloud cover on her new planet are affecting her emotions, but her chance to see the sun once again is quickly approaching. The story takes place on the one day when the rain will stop and the sun will shine for a couple of hours. All of the children in Margot’s class are eagerly awaiting their first glimpse of the sun, but when the teacher leaves for a few minutes they decide to pull a very mean prank on Margot.

My Thoughts: It amazes me how Bradbury is able to convey such a great amount of emotion in such a short amount of pages. All Summer in a Day moved me greatly when I read it.

The atmosphere of the story was something that just gripped my heart. This short story felt dark and dreary. It made me feel sadness deep within my heart. The time and setting only added to the atmosphere.

I felt so sad for Margot. She lives on the planet where the sun rarely comes out. It has been a long time since she has seen the sun. She does remember it though, from the time she still living on Earth. She yearns for the feel of warmth that the sun delivers.

I think the sun is a flower,
That blooms for just one hour.

On the day the sun is expected to finally come out for a short time, Margot’s classmates play a prank on her. They think it is funny since they don’t understand how she feels. And then they do later. But it is to late.

I will never forget this short story. I wished it were longer but I do know that this short story is perfect as it is. I think All Summer in a Day should be read by everybody. You can read this short story for free here.

7 thoughts on “All Summer In A Day by Ray Bradbury: review

  1. Wow. thanks for this book recommendation. I have read only one book by Ray Bradbury – Fahrenheit 451. Thank you for sharing the free copy, too!

  2. Hiya!.. Oh my.. I have never ever heard of a story line like that!!.. Jeez.. But it sounds so freaking unique. Thanks for the free link :)… I will be reading it soon. Nice review once again!

      • I read it!. Oh my.. I feel depressed thinking of the cruel joke they played on Margot. She didn’t deserve that at all :(.. The emotion is captured very well by the author in this short story..

      • I am glad you read it 🙂 This is a very beautiful short story. I just wanted to jump into the book, open the closet, grab Margot, and show her the sun! And I agree. The sad, gloomy emotion this short story has is captured wonderfully.

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