And All The Stars by Andrea K. Höst: review

And All the StarsAnd All The Stars by Andrea K. Höst


My rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Age Group: Young Adult

Genre: Science Fiction, Romance, Dystopian

Publisher: Andrea K. Höst (Self-published)

Release Date: September 30th 2012

Synopsis: Come for the apocalypse.
Stay for cupcakes.
Die for love.

Madeleine Cost is working to become the youngest person ever to win the Archibald Prize for portraiture. Her elusive cousin Tyler is the perfect subject: androgynous, beautiful, and famous. All she needs to do is pin him down for the sittings.

None of her plans factored in the Spires: featureless, impossible, spearing into the hearts of cities across the world – and spraying clouds of sparkling dust into the wind.

Is it an alien invasion? Germ warfare? They are questions everyone on Earth would like answered, but Madeleine has a more immediate problem. At Ground Zero of the Sydney Spire, beneath the collapsed ruin of St James Station, she must make it to the surface before she can hope to find out if the world is ending.

My thoughts: With the promise of cupcakes I began reading this book without really knowing what to expect. In the end, though, And All The Stars exceeded my expectations. Höst was able to keep me turning the pages, wanting more. I would say that And All Stars has a dose of almost everything. Science fiction, romance, action, superpowers, great characters, and emotional scenes. And there are cupcakes.

Cupcakes…The universe couldn’t live without them.

I am serious. This book has a lot of baking in it. Lots and lots of baking. It made me hungry just reading this book.

Madeleine Cost is a skilled artist, aspiring to win the Archibald Prize for portraiture. She plans to paint the portrait of her cousin, Tyler, the handsome, famous actor. However, Madeleine’s plans quickly change when the world is suddenly covered in glittering dust.

What surprised me the most is that this story was set in present time. Most science fiction novels I read are set far into the future. This allowed me to focus more on the actual apocalypse instead of trying to learn more about the world. This book is also set in Australia! The place that I dream of going to! So yay!

The author has a talent for creating loveable, relateable, and humorous characters. I couldn’t get enough of the Blue Musketeers. Madeleine, Noi, Pan, Fisher, Nash, Emily, and Min were easy characters to read about. I really loved how they were able to support each other and work together. The friendship between the Musketeers is quite refreshing.

Now. If you want a fast paced story filled with action than you might want to stay away from this book. And All The Stars is about survival and trying to take down your enemies. It is slow and it takes a lot of time for the excitement to build up. Did this take away from my enjoyment of the book? No. I liked how this story didn’t rush itself to be exciting. This story had substance. Besides, even with its slow pacing And All The Stars is still a very entertaining novel. The characters make sure of that.

I was also surprised how emotional this book made me. This book made me cry! Some scenes made me so emotional that I had to set down my kindle and take a break. And even when I wasn’t reading this book I felt really sad.


The romance in this book is the kind of romance that takes it time to build up. Madeleine and Fisher’s relationship went from just being attracted to each other to love in a realistic amount of time.

And All The Stars is not just an alien book. It is a book with substance. I highly recommend it.

An advanced copy was provided in exchange for a honest review via Netgalley.


5 thoughts on “And All The Stars by Andrea K. Höst: review

  1. I just had to laugh a little, since her last name means ‘autumn’, so it sounds a bit funny. xD
    I’ve never heard of this book, but it does seem very interesting! 😀

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