January Wrap-up…Welcome February!

Salutations everyone! I hope you all had a very productive January that you will be able to look back on with a smile on your face! I had a very good January, albeit a bit cold. I was able to accomplish a lot.

Highlights of January:

-I was able to write twelve reviews this month! I am pretty proud of that. *puffs out chest*

Review of The Hallowed Ones, Review of Speechless, Review of Future Diary Vol.2, Review of Hysteria, Review of When Love Comes to Town, Review of Soulless, Review of The Off Season, Review of If I Stay, Review of  Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Vol.1, Review of Also Known As, Review of Kimi ni Todoke Vol.1, Review of Between Shades of Gray

-I am taking a break from memes at the time. This was not as easy as it should have been.

-I finally learned how to use a nunchaku without hitting myself! Most of the time.

-I am doing well in school.

-I have found a great amount of time to read!

-Being able to go on a lot of book shopping sprees. I am obsessed with picking up books and throwing money at the cashier.

-Had my first interview with an author

-Getting through %12 percent of my GR Challenge. Thank you manga for all your help.

GR Challenge 1



And the most important one…

-Being able to chat with all you wonderful people! I have been meeting a lot of amazing people and chatting with them is a joy to do 🙂

Sadly, we are going to have to say goodbye to January as February is tomorrow! I think of February as the month of love.  I welcome you, February!

Goals for February:

-Write more reviews

-Read more. Duh.

-Chat with all you awesome people out there.

-Discover more gifs! Gifs are currently one of my greatest obsessions.

-Find a way to thank all my blogger friends because February is the month of love.


Sayanora wonderful, amazing, and brilliant people! <—It is only the day before February and I am already getting excited.