Puella Magi Madoka Magica Vol.1 by Magica Quartet, Hanokage: review

Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Vol. 1 Magi Madoka Magica Vol.1 by Magica Quartet, Illustrated by Hanokage


Series: Puella Magi Madoka Magica #1

My rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars

Genre: Magical Girl, Urban Fantasy, Seinen

Publisher: Yen Press

Release Date: May 29th 2012

Synopsis: In this world, there exist strange creatures who have the power to grant one wish to a chosen girl. However, in exchange, that girl must then become a magical girl and use their powers to fight against witches, evil creatures born from darkness that are responsible for murders and suicides.

In the city of Mitakihara, a schoolgirl named Madoka Kaname and her friend Sayaka Miki are approached by a familiar named Kyubey, who offers to grant each of them one wish in return for making each of them a magical girl. Another magical girl named Homura Akemi tries to prevent Madoka from making such a deal, while Kyubey urges Madoka by telling her she will become the most powerful magical girl. However, contrary to the glamorous notions one would expect, a magical girl finds herself dealing with death, isolation, loss of humanity, agony over the value of her wish, and existential crisis. Madoka, following her friends, soon sees the darker side of being a magical girl, and because of knowing the truth about being a magical girl, she questions if she should become one as well.

My thoughts: You know, those magical girl manga that are super cute? You know, those magical girl manga that make you happy? You know, those magical girl manga that make you laugh. Well, this isn’t one of those magical girl manga. Puella Magi Madoka Magica starts out very light-hearted but as the reader turns the pages the story gets more and more mysterious. And then is starts to become absolutely heartbreaking. I really can’t write a better synopsis than the one shown above so please read that.

I really liked the characters in this manga. Madoka is very easy to like as she is kind hearted and sweet. Sayaka is energetic and happy. Homura is very mysterious but you get the feeling that she is truly trying to help the girls. And Mami has a good head on her shoulders.* I felt sorry for them and the situation they are in.

The art is magnificent. The illustrator put a lot of details in the girl’s clothing when they transform into their magical girl form. Here is Mami’s uniform:

Mami's uniform

Her uniform is my favorite 🙂

The worlds in which the girl’s fight witches in a drawn in a really unique way. They feel very surreal and creepy, in a way. It makes reading the manga even more enjoyable.


And Kyubey is very adorable! I have the feeling that he is up to something.


I thought he was a girl at first…

This manga is very different from most magical girl manga. It is serious, sad, and sometimes creepy. I would definitely recommend it.

*spoiler: foreshadowing!

3 thoughts on “Puella Magi Madoka Magica Vol.1 by Magica Quartet, Hanokage: review

  1. When I saw this title of review, I was saying “I know this manga!” IDK why it’s exciting I know this one, but it’s probably because my old blogger buddy (don’t worry, you are my blogger buddy too! <3) recommended this to me and I thought it would be…boring. Girls changing like Shugo Chara or Sailor Moon, well, I'm already out of that phase. BUT YOU HAVE MADE IT SOUND SO EPIC!!! And Kyubey! Adorable. ❤ 😀

    You have brought out my girly-side without me knowing.

    • You have no idea how happy this comment makes me 😀 You are my blogger buddy to! *glomps* This is NOTHING like Shugo Chara or Sailor Moon. This manga has much more substance and…epicness.

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