Pandora Hearts Vol.6 by Jun Mochizuki: review

Pandora Hearts, #6Pandora Hearts Volume 6 by Jun Mochizuki

Series: Pandora Hearts #6

My rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Genre: Shounen, Fantasy, Paranormal, Mystery

Publisher: Yen Press

Synopsis: Though Oz’s sudden appearance in the midst of Pandora wreaks havoc, the initially chilly reception to the prison-breaker runs more than warm when Jack Vessalius, hero of the tragedy of Sablier and the man from Alice’s memories, manifests in Oz’s body. Sensing Oz’s resultant inner turmoil, Uncle Oscar drags Oz and company on a “mission” to Lutwidge Academy, where Oz’s little sister, Ada, is a student. But some carefree fun and a tearful reunion ten years in the making is not all for which Oz must prepare himself: crimson-cloaked foes are lying in wait to torture him for answers about the events of a hundred years ago…

*Beware of minor spoilers

My thoughts: A smile grew on my face when I realized that the girl on the cover shared my name 🙂 Her personality seems a bit unstable but I love crazy characters so no complaints from me. Oh, and look a there is a stuffed black rabbit on the cover…and Lottie is choking it with a chain. Nice.

I enjoyed reading the beginning of this volume because we get to learn more about Break and how he became the person he was today. There are still some questions about his past but there are some answers which satisfied me. I loved the scene with Sharon beating Break with a pillow for sacrificing the thing he has been looking for so long in order to save her. It made me laugh and it shows how much Break really cares for Sharon.

I hope that Echo grows into something more than Vincent’s puppet. She is showing some signs of independence so I have high hopes.

I was a bit turned off when I found out that an academy was going to be the main setting in those volume. It worked really well though. We got introduced to two new characters: Elliot and Leo (called Reo in some translations) and we are also introduced to one kind of new character: the older Ada. There is also an encounter with the Baskervilles! I loved how Elliot and Oz fought a lot and yet they also help each other. The argument Oz and Elliot have after Elliot spoils Oz’s favorite book series was hilarious.

Oz’s tendency to sacrifice himself for others is focused on a lot in this volume which I really appreciate. The way Jun Mochizuki uses the book series Oz (and Elliot) loves to represent that tendency was really clever and amazing.

The Baskervilles were pretty awesome if I do say so myself. Even though they don’t do much damage in this specific volume you can tell that they are dangerous. Lottie is my favorite Baskerville 😀 Jack appears at the end!

The art is still pretty.

Volume six was awesome which is to be expected of Jun Mochizuki. I think it is impossible for her not to be brilliant. Now time for the next (probably awesome) volume.


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