Kobato Vol.2 by CLAMP: review

 Kobato, Volume 2Volume 2 by CLAMP

Series: Kobato #2

My rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

Genre: Shojo, Fantasy, Humour

Publisher: Yen Press(english)

Synopsis: Now that cheerful, clumsy, and often clueless Kobato has her magic bottle, all she has to do is fill it up with the sorrows of wounded hearts to realize her one greatest wish. The only problem is Kobato doesn’t have any idea how to cure one wounded heart, let alone a whole bottleful! Still learning about the world under Ioryogi-san’s instruction (read: browbeating), Kobato starts out by offering a helping hand to Sayaka-sensei, the director of a kindergarten that’s fallen on hard times. Can Kobato’s limitless cheer break through the dark shadows that surround the fate of the center? And at the end of the day, will she be any closer to filling up the magic bottle?

My thoughts: This volume had a little more substance then the last one now that Kobato has her “bottle”. Kobato volunteers to work at the Yomogi kindergarten which is owned by Sayaka Okiura.  Fujimoto, a man Kobato meets in the first volume also happens to work there. They do not get along very well. All seems well and happy until a loan shark tells Kobato that Sayaka better pay up the money she owes.

I really liked this volume because Kobato is able to fill up the bottle a bit making her closer in getting her wish. There was also more plot in this volume. Instead of Kobato wandering around town trying to help people out there is a big problem in volume two. Kobato must help Sayaka pay her debt so the kindergarten will be able to stay in business.

There is some character development in Fujimoto. At first he seems like a bit of a jerk but it is slowly revealed that he really cares for Sayaka and the kindergarten and wants to help out. Although Kobato and him don’t get along very well she does mention that she thinks that he has “a scar on his heart”. I want to learn more about him. Sayaka seems like a really nice woman and I do hope that everything will go well for her. It is mentioned that someone had hurt her in the past so I am curious about that. The loan shark is always smiling…and smoking.

The art is still beautiful and bubbly. I really love all of Kobato’s outfits. They are a bit weird but they are pretty nevertheless.

I don’t think this is a five-star manga yet although I am familiar with CLAMP’s other works and they are all amazing so I have high hopes for this series.


3 thoughts on “Kobato Vol.2 by CLAMP: review

  1. I’ve always had a thing for CLAMP manga. They’ve had a wide range of titles that are more interesting. So, I’ll agree with you on the rating of Kobato. It reminds me a bit of one called Tokyo Mew Mew, couldn’t get into that one. But maybe this will end up being like CLAMP’s Chobits. It started out slow, but ended up very awesome. Those ladies always have something up their sleeve. Great Review.

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