Pandora Hearts Vol.5 by Jun Mochizuki: review

Pandora Hearts, Vol. 5Pandora Hearts Volume 5 by Jun Mochizuki

Series: Pandora Hearts #5

My rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Genre: Shounen, Fantasy, Paranormal, Mystery

Publisher: Yen Press(English)

Synopsis: Guided by Jack Vessalius, the man from Alice’s memories, Oz wanders back into the world of lost memories in search of Alice. There, he stumbles upon the devastating tragedy of Sablier, the century-old disaster which sent the old capital into the Abyss, an incident of which no one has any recollection…except Alice, who was there?! When Oz discovers the truth of the memories Alice so desperately wants to forget, the powers of the B-Rabbit will spiral out of control and threaten the lives of all who are trapped within the dreamlike dimension, including Alice herself…

Warning: This review might have spoilers for the previous volumes and this one because I find it hard to review mangas so the reviews will turn out more summa. Read the review for volume one here.

My Thoughts: We have Vincent on the cover! The scissors in the background really suit him. (He likes the shred stuff especially stuffed rabbits.) I notice that in all the past covers the characters always chained in some way… Vincent isn’t.

This volume is a continuation of the last volume. In the beginning of the volume Oz is wandering around Alice’s memories(which are all twisted up in the dimension) and he stumbles upon a character we know going crazy. And I mean psychopathic breakdown crazy. With scissors. Oz was able to put two and two together and realizes something about the brothers, Gilbert and Vincent and if we didn’t need anymore proof we get a scene with Jack talking to Gilbert as if he knew him. And right after that Oz finds a horrific piece of information about Alice. This all happens IN ONE CHAPTER! This chapter was pretty bloody compared to all the other chapters before it. It is still drawn well but it had more of a bloody creepy feel then a pretty creepy feel. I bet that made no sense.

In the next chapter Oz’s incuse* turns forward he starts to go a little crazy also and breaking down the dimension to. Then it cuts back to Jack’s conversation with Gilbert with Jack telling Gilbert to go and help Oz. Then it cuts to Break’s fight with Cheshire Cat. Break says some things that give us a teeny bit more information about him awhile he proceeds to cut down Cheshire. I thought the parts of the battle we get to see were drawn very well and I knew what was going on without having to reread the page multiple times. Then it cuts to another scene with Gilbert breaking Oz out of his trance and reminding him they came here to save Alice. Oz does save Alice in a very awesome and sweet way. This was my favorite part of the whole volume. Alice seemed very vulnerable in this scene(and no Alice is not a damsel in distress she is actually very kick butt). We then get to see the conclusion to the fight between Break and Cheshire and then Alice and Oz escape the dimension…Yay! But wait a minute…Gilbert and Break were left behind!

I loved this scene because of how well the art was when the dimension was breaking. The cracking rock and Cheshire Cat’s shadow like true form made the scene very action filled and suspenseful.

In the second half of the volume Alice and Oz fall into the middle of a Pandora meeting which causes a bit of an uproar. Reim (he is called Liam in some other translations) is panicking about he is going to hide Oz and a gigantic rabbit and is ambushed by Break who escaped with Gilbert by using Gilbert’s contract, Raven. Yay!

I really like Reim. He is so panicky and stressed out in such a comical way. It doesn’t help that Break is always pushing his own work on him. Their friendship is kind of funny.

We also get to learn more about Jack’s possession of Oz and also that Vincent is plotting something in the second half. My favorite part about this volume though was seeing Break’s dedication to Sharon. We see that Break really cares for her and would do anything for her. He sees her as a daughter. It is really sweet and I really hope that we get to see more of this side of Break. I really hope so. Break is my favorite character so far. (Although I love all the other characters to bits.) He makes me fangirl like crazy.

There is also a part where Break invites Oz for a tea party(he is based on the Mad Hatter so the tea party make sense)…to get more information. Break makes a deal with Oz saying that if Oz answers his questions he will answer any of Oz’s questions. After Oz is done answering and starts questioning this is Break’s answer: “I’m not telling yoooou!”

This volume was a absolutely stunning one and is my favorite one so far. The answers and questions we are given are pretty hard to figure out. Jun Mochizuki has such tight writing and the way the manga transitions between each volume is well done to. I have also noticed that there are no story arcs. The story is so complex there is no real need to have them. She really knows what she is doing.

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