Kobato Vol.1 by CLAMP: review

Kobato, Volume 1

Kobato Vol.1by CLAMP

Series: Kobato #1

Genre: Shojo, Fantasy, Humour

Publishers: Yen Press(english)

Synopsis: Meet Kobato Hanato, a sweet and rather simple young girl on a quest to have her single, dearest wish granted. But first, she must learn the ways of the world from Ioryogi-san, a gruff blue dog whose bark is just as bad as his bite! Under his “tutelage” (read: constant verbal abuse), Kobato puts her efforts into passing various trials of common sense so that she may obtain the key to getting her wish-a magic bottle which must be filled with the suffering of wounded hearts that Kobato herself has healed. But with Kobato’s common sense sorely lacking, she keeps flunking Ioryogi-san’s trials left and right! It looks like the road that lies ahead of Kobato will be a long one indeed!

I have read some of CLAMP’s works and I loved them all so when I found about Kobato I immediately went out to buy it. Kobato did make me smile and laugh but I was expecting a bit more from it.

Kobato and Ioryogi were both very quirky and loveable characters. Kobato was…dumb and silly but still very loveable. She is like a really stupid kitty-stupid but really cute and loveable. She is very kind-hearted and always wants to help people in need…although sometimes she just makes more trouble. The manga is mostly centered around Kobato learning more about the world around her(we do not know her origin) and trying to help people in order to obtain and fill up the “bottle”. She wants to fill this bottle so her wish will be granted. Ioryogi has a very hot temper. Literally. He breathes fire. Even though he does verbally abuse Kobato you can tell he still cares for her. I guess he is the tough love kind of person. There is no romance between the two, just to let you know. Kobato and Ioryogi’s relationship is one of two friends…kind of.


The story is pretty peaceful for the most part. Kobato is a very cute character that put a smile on my face. Her adventures with Ioryogi around town were very funny. I really want to know more about Kobato’s origins because she is surely not from Earth. I also want to learn more about Ioryogi and what awful thing he did in order to deserve such a punishment: being turned into a plush doll and sent to Earth.

I could describe the art in this manga with four words: simply and utterly beautiful. CLAMP’s artwork is detailed, pretty, cute, and fun all at the same time. Kobato and all the other characters are beautifully drawn. Sometimes I would stare at just one panel for a little while because the art was just so darn good. If you are familiar with CLAMP’s other works you will spot some characters that look very similar with the characters from them.

Kobato was a very cute and silly read and I look forward to the future volumes but I do think there could had been more story to it…

I give Kobato 3.5 out of 5 Bottles

2 thoughts on “Kobato Vol.1 by CLAMP: review

  1. I have a question about the author CLAMP – is it a group of 4 women? Do you know where I could find out more information? The character in my new book is going to be a fan of drawing Manga. Also I saw in your Archives that you are going through the alphabet and I wanted to recommend a Manga book to you. My daughter is in love with the series – “Vampire Knight”

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