Luno by Toume Kei: review

Luno by Toume Kei

Tete is a boy in a small European-like town. Recently some odd people have moved into the town, including the young vagrant Geeta who lives under the bridge. He befriends her and learns about her tragic past. Geeta then asks him to temporarily keep a mysterious clock for her. Shortly afterwards a dangerous man appears, one of the very last survivors of a race with powers over life and death.

I have mixed feelings about this manga. I did enjoy it but I was also kind of confused at times. The way the story is told is pretty neat. Chapters are called “nights” which is very fitting as most of the story happens at night other than a few exceptions at the beginning.

The premise is really interesting. Finding out about a race that could revive humans from death and a cult that is trying to take advantage of those powers is something that is enjoyable to read about(well, for me at least). The way the story was executed was mediocre. There are two words that perfectly describe how I understood Luno: Kind of. I was confused about almost everything the manga was trying to tell me. I kind of knew what the Moza race was, I kind of knew what the enemy was trying to do, I kind of  knew how the enemy turned out the way he did. Luno started out well but fell apart when the climax came. The way the enemy just gave up without putting up any real fight was very unexcited and made me feel cheated because I was waiting for something awesome to happen. The ending was bittersweet and was nicely done.

The characters were good but the person who had the biggest spotlight was Geeta. I read this manga to find out what happened to her, and I read this manga to find out more about her. Geeta is one of the best parts of the story. Tete seemed more like a plot device but he had his moments. The characters all had good development considering how the manga is only six chapters.

The art is really beautiful and I loved the style the author had. The art was detailed and I never had to guess about what was going on or who was who. My only complaint is the layout. The panels were to small and not spaced out enough. Sometimes when the action scenes were happening I found myself getting a eye-sore because there was not enough space for my eyes to wander.

Luno is average. Nothing bad, nothing special.

I give Luno 2.5 out of 5 Stars


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