Crimson Shell By Jun Mochizuki: review


Crimson Shell by Jun Mochizuki

Rescued from the darkness by Xeno, a mysterious swordsman, Claudia the Rose Witch is the foundation of the Crimson-Shell, a special division of the Red Rose-an organization aiming to capture the results of one mad scientist’s experiments, the deadly Black Roses. But when Xeno’s loyalties are called into question, will Claudia be strong enough to believe in her dearest friend? And what is the color of the rose blooming in Xeno’s heart-a deep, passionate crimson…or a traitorous jet-black?

This was one of the first manga I have ever read and I loved every single second of reading it! The characters are all very well made-you just cannot help but love them! Their personalities were all very different from each other, so I did not feel like everyone was the same. The villains in my opinon were also just as good as the good guys. They actually had a good reason to do the wrong thing and be the bad guys-I will not tell you the reason as that would be a spoiler. I just loved Claudia! She was not weak and she fought for the people she cared about and was not just a damsel in distress.

The plot was just awesome and creative. What I really liked about this is that there is no other setting than the Crimson Shell headquarters. All the battles are in the headquarters, all the conversations, and all the investigating-everything is in the headquarters. I personally thought that was kind of cool because Crimson Shell IS the story and Crimson Shell IS the plot. The whole story is about the Crimson Shell and all of it’s very adorably awesome characters. The relationship between Xeno and Claudia was very sweet and cute. I thought of it more as a brother-sister relationship than a couple relationship. The ending was pretty good to. There were alot of questions to be answered but I was pretty satisfied. I loved the open ending because I could decide the fate of all the characters myself-which is what I think Jun Mochizuki was going for.

The art was wonderful! The characters all looked very different from eachother so I was not guessing who I was looking at the whole time. The backgrounds were pretty good to. I was very happy to have found out about this manga-and Jun Mochizuki’s other work Pandora Hearts.

I give Crimson Shell 5 out of 5 Roses

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